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 You’ve heard about freshMinerals .Your ears have perked when your friends told you it’s 100% natural, and chemical free. You still fought the urge when you learned freshMinerals not only protect, but also rejuvenates the health of your skin. Relax, there is no need to plunge into anything. The Quick start kit was specially designed with the toe testers in mind. The Quick start kit has everything you’ll need to take the first steps to realizing just how fresh beauty can feel.

How to apply;

freshMinerals bases are highly pigmented, so apply as little as possible in layers for desired coverage. With your fingertip, apply the Smoothing Prep Primer on clean or moisturized skin. Make shore to allow enough time for the primer to penetrate the surface of the skin. You have two shades in duo loose foundation. Choose the shade of foundation that best suits your skin tone. You can also mix the two foundation to archive the specific shade. Using retractable brush, apply a small amount of mineral foundation on your face. Make sure to start with a little and build the desire coverage in layers. Remember, a little goes a long way.


Duo loose mineral foundation (natural spf 20)

Retractable brush