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 freshMinerals  make up is the most simple and natural product you can put on your skin. The ingridients of freshMinerals allow the skin to breath and offers and offers protection from UVA rays because it has natural skin ingredients. freshMinerals protects the skin from environmental pollutants, is free of talc, oil, waxes, fragrance, preventatives, and other chemicals that can block pores and breakouts.

freshMinerals feel weightless on the skin, looks sheer and luminous and minimizes the appearance of pores and fine lines, which gives flawless coverage.

freshMinerals bases are highly pigmented so apply as little as possible in layers for desired coverage. With your fingers apply smoothing pre primer on clean or moisturized skin. Make shore to allow enough time for the primer to penetrate the surface of the skin. Using a clean concealer brush, apply spot areas with the foundation powders, then apply the foundation powders with a powder brush or face brush for a flawless result.


Two freshMinerals foundation

One freshMinerals finish powder

One freshMinerals Smoothing Perp Primer ( contains: vitamin A,C,E)

One freshminerals carrying case

Face brush

Concealer brush

Powder brush